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Address:Poland, 84-200 Wejherowo, I Brygady Pancernej WP 104

Pricing – mobile homes

Year-round mobile homes Price list 2023Pricing 2023

We offer the following models of homes:


area 15 - 19,90 m23300 PLN/m2


area 20 - 24,90 m23200 PLN/m2


area 25 - 29,90 m23100 PLN/m2


area 30 - 34,90 m2 *3000 PLN/m2

*) there is also the option of building an XL home (over 35 m2). The maximum size of 1 XL module is 4x12m. The modules can be combined.

Additional optionsDescription of additional elements (not included in the price per 1m2):

Additional optionsFurniture (we have our own woodworking shop):

Material: 18 mm thick laminated board, countertop: 38 mm laminated board, metal fittings in colour.
Optional glass (also hardened) in colour and printed (over kitchen worktop) – price depends on rm.

InstallationAt the customer's request, for a fee, we only install brand-new equipment:

We do not install furniture from other manufacturers (e.g. IKEA), as well as fireplaces or central heating systems.

Additional information: The exterior wood cladding / interior panelling can be replaced with a maintenance-free facade cladding, e.g. VOX Kerrafront / PVC Vell large-format wall panels – at an additional cost.