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Address:Poland, 84-200 Wejherowo, I Brygady Pancernej WP 104

L home

Total area: 30 to 35 m²3000 PLN/m2

Home intended for: residence, with 2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom and possible loggia

New! Home L + 2 closed mezzanines = ~ 50m2

Legally, it is still a one-story house, and the outline of the building is 35m2

This is a unique, unusual design – not available from other manufactures in Europe. Pricing and architectural dimensions – after contacting us.

35m2 is an area that meets numerous needsYear-round mobile home 35m2

Why is the 35 m2 year-round house so popular among our customers? Why is it worth investing in an area of ​​up to 35m2? Customers who appreciate the advantages of mobile homes strive to satisfy 4 main factors: functionality, symmetry, interior lighting, intimacy. With the area of ​​​​a mobile home from 30 to 35m2, we are able to provide all these features. Let’s explain how the 35m2 year-round house we produce meets these requirements.

Functionality of the 35 m2 mobile home

Since the house will be inhabited all year round, there is a natural need to store all the collected items regardless of the season – from various clothes and shoes to Christmas decorations. On such an area, we are able to provide ample storage space, located “in every corner” while maintaining order.

The symmetry of the layout of the rooms in the 35m2 mobile home

The area of ​​35m2 allows us to arrange the rooms in a logical, useful and, above all, reasonable way – according to our needs, and these are different. A 2+2 family has completely different expectations from retirees or a childless couple. As you can see on the proposed layouts on this page (below), we are able, for example, to easily provide two independent rooms for each of our children, and even 3 independent bedrooms! With one child, we can prepare a larger bedroom for parents and a smaller one for the child – while our child, according to preferences, can be adjacent to us or be located on the opposite pole, ensuring privacy. In the case of a year-round 35m2 mobile home, customers most often strive to obtain a spacious living room in the central part of the house, from which the view most often spreads … more on that later.

Optimum lighting

The 35m2 house allows you to integrate a relatively large number of windows, usually with a huge glazing in the living room ensuring constant contact with nature, effective heating of the rooms by the sun during the warm period and quick ventilation in the summer.

Intimacy in a 35m2 mobile home

Independent, lockable rooms allow for comfortable separation of the private zone from the “visiting” one – you can easily host your friends.

Please also watch the video at the bottom of the page - Virtual walkVisualisations

Home L0 - with 2 bedrooms
Home L2 - with 2 bedrooms and loggia

Animated views Virtual walk

Home L0 - with 2 bedrooms
Home L2 - with 2 bedrooms and loggia

Layout drawingsHomes L

Home L0
Home L2
Home L3
Home L4
Home L6
Home L7

New! Only in MobildomMobile home 35m2 (L version) + 2 mezzanines = ~50m2

This is a unique, unusual design – not available from other manufacturers in Europe. Pricing and architectural projections – after contact.