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Home construction

Total area:
XS version: 15 – 19,90 m2
S version: 20 – 24,90 m2
M version: 25 – 29,90 m2
L version: 30 – 35 m2

XL version: It is possible to construct larger mobile homes (rather than 35m2):

  • a) if the house is to be only one module, then in dimensions up to 4×12 m (due to road transport conditions), 
  • b) or we can get a larger area of the mobile home – by combining individual modules.

The home is built of spruce wood, sourced from a partnered sawmill. We only use high-grade (C24) timber elements of great durability, which are properly dried.

The whole structure is mobile due to the fact that it is set on a steel frame with wheels.

The home complies with all standards so that, just after being furnished, one can live in it all year-round (it is insulated with mineral wool and has complete installations, as well as a comfortable interior height).

Each home is made on a customised basis. The layout of the rooms and the colour scheme are decided in consultation with the Customer.

Standard version Mobile home - description of home finishing included in the price

Ściana zewnętrzna
Exterior wall
  • 19 mm façade board
  • two coats of paint
  • 10 cm mineral wool
  • plastic vapour barrier, membrane
Ściana zewnętrzna domku mobilnego
Cross-section of the exterior wall of the mobile home

The exterior wall of the mobile home is covered with a twice-painted (in the colour of your choice), high-quality Scandinavian façade board (AB grade), ensuring durability for years to come. A membrane and a plastic vapour barrier were used as a protection against rain (water) and wind. An insulation layer made of mineral wool is placed between the membrane and the plastic barrier – exactly the same way that modern timber-frame houses (including mobile homes) are insulated.

Examples of how the exterior wall of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

Ściana wewnętrzna
Interior wall
  • 14 mm wood wall paneling,
  • colourless impregnation or bleaching
Ściana wewnętrzna domku mobilnego
Mobile home interior wall

The interior wall of the mobile home is made of solid AB grade Scandinavian board (soffit board). According to the preference, it will be impregnated colourlessly or bleached up to two times. The mobile homes use timber-frame house technology, hence their durability meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Examples of how the interior wall of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

  • rafters, counter battens and battens of C24 wood
  • 15 cm mineral wool
  • plastic vapour barrier, membrane
  • trapezoidal sheet

The mobile home roof can be either a pent or gable roof, with a pitch of up to 15 degrees, due to the cost-effectiveness of this solution (this is included as standard). However, for customers who appreciate a more traditional look for their year-round mobile home – we also offer the option (at an extra charge) of a gable roof with a higher pitch (20-35 degrees).

Examples of how the roof of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

  • 22+12 mm OSB
  • imported PVC flooring
  • skirting boards
  • 15 cm mineral wool
Dom mobilny - Podłoga w kuchni z widokiem na taras
Mobile home floor - in a kitchen overlooking a terrace

The floor of the mobile home is robust and well insulated. The used wool provides high thermal insulation. The OSB is coated with a specialised preparation dedicated to protecting the critical substrate – a surface likely to become damp. As a standard feature of the mobile home, the whole floor is covered with PVC lining, which has a high abrasion resistance factor and provides additional soundproofing.

Examples of how the floor of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

PCV windows
  • double-glazed with single-sided veneer (coloured outside and white inside)
  • 2-3 room windows (100/100cm) + 1 bathroom window (50/50cm)
Duże narożne okno w domku mobilnym
Large corner window in a mobile home

Windows play an important role in a year-round mobile home, so their selection must be well thought out and their fitting expertly carried out. These factors determine how much heat we ‘let out’ in winter and how much we allow the sun to heat the rooms in summer. As standard, we offer square, tilt and turn windows, with warm frames, anti-theft striker and good transfer coefficients, in a total of 3 for smaller homes and 4 for larger homes. Any other windows can be fitted as an option – from large terrace windows and corner windows (shown in the picture) to the trendy vertical light windows.

Examples of how the windows of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

  • solid steel exterior door, smooth, with veneer, with good thermal and acoustic insulation, 90cm
  • solid interior door, plain, in the selected veneer, 60cm or 70cm
Standardowe drzwi domku mobilnego
Standard mobile home door

In a mobile home, just like in a regular house, selecting the exterior and interior doors is crucial. The exterior door acts, among other things, as a security measure for the mobile home against break-ins and also provides protection against heat loss, wind and moisture. Internal doors are mainly chosen based on aesthetic function.

Examples of how the doors of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

Instalacja elektryczna
Electrical system
  • fuse box at the front door
  • in each room: sockets, switches and ceiling light point
  • socket and light point outside the home
  • rtv socket with antenna cable
Electrical system

Thoughtful electrical installation determines the comfort of the mobile home. It must address our current and possible future needs. There is nothing more annoying than inadequately located sockets or switches – or worse – an insufficient number of them. Do not worry – with us you are not at risk 🙂  Thanks to a properly conducted discussion, we are able to plan the electrical installation of the mobile home under construction perfectly.

Examples of how the electrical installation of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

Instalacja wodno-kanalizacyjna
Water and sewage installation
  • running installation to kitchen and bathroom
  • running installation outside the home
  • preparation of site and installation for washing machine/boiler
Łazienka z prysznicem w domku mobilnym
Bathroom with shower in a mobile home

The plumbing system must be in line with your needs – after all, we are even able to install a sizable bathtub in your mobile home. You will also probably find it useful to have an outdoor tap so that you can water the surroundings of your mobile home.

Examples of how the plumbing system of the mobile home can be modified (at an extra charge):

Unlimited possibilities for expansion of the mobile homeItems subject to an additional charge

Home foundation and supports
Steps to the home and terrace
Gable roof, PVC gutters
External roller shutters
Utility building
For the bathroom
  • toilet with free-floating seat
  • wash basin with cabinet and tap
  • shower cabin with shower tray
  • boiler and electric towel rail with thermostat
  • wall cabinet with mirror
  • shoe cabinet + hanger
  • wardrobe with shelves and rod
  • bedroom nightstand
  • double bed with a chest for bedding
  • bunk beds for children
  • chest of drawers, living room coffee table
  • dining table (also folding)
  • upper and lower kitchen cabinets with tabletop
  • kitchen sink with mixer tap, white goods
Windows and doors
  • windows for additional light, balcony and terrace sliding windows
  • double-sided veneer windows
  • entrance door with venetian window
Upon request, we can also install the following:
  • electric heaters for each room
  • lighting (ceiling lamps/ led spotlights)
  • air-conditioning, alarm systems and other accessories